Who Is Mama Peavy

Mama Peavy is the onstage comedic character created by Mary R. Butler. Mama Peavy is a carnal minded Christian that hasn’t died to her flesh. But please do not tell her that or she’ll do a “Drive-By SHOUTing” in your neighborhood. Drive-By Shouting is a ministry that she started with a faithless few.

Mama Peavy provides 100% clean comedy.

Name: Mama Peavy

Title: Minister/Pastor/Sinner

Age: 60-ish

Height: Statuesque woman

Weight: Nona...you know the rest

Race: Beautiful

Eye Color: Beautiful

Marital Status: Single but on the prowl

In search of: A husband

Church Affiliation: Tabernacle of Sorrow


Mama Peavy Standing