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About the Comedy Production


Comedy Production: You’ll get a glimpse into the small town of Worldlypeeple, Georgia. In this town, you’ll find residents like Kay-Kay “Scrumptious” Jenkins, Tracy Warner, Pastor Dice, and the infamous Mama Peavy. Each resident has a story to tell or a story is told about them, effectively called gossip. For Scrumptious, her desire is to be a culinary chef and to star in her own cooking show. Tracy Warner is a local celebrity with his self-titled late night talk show, The Tracy Warner Show. It’s a big hit among the townspeople. Pastor Dice is not new to the town but he is new to the church scene. Since becoming a pastor, he has developed a cult like following. And good ol’ Mama Peavy, she’d much rather watch her favorite soap than get caught up with the affairs of Worldlypeeple. A final glance is given one Sunday Morning in two different churches. Will anyone in the town get saved or will they remain true to their name of Worldlypeeple?

Choir Rehearsal: The members of the local church’s choir are preparing for the church’s anniversary. Unfortunately, the choir director did not show up for practice that day. The choir members are in for a treat as they meet the replacement choir director.

Cooking Up Something with Scrumptious: Kay-Kay “Scrumptious” Jenkins is the neighborhood’s ghetto certified chef. She recently started producing her own cooking show called Cooking Up Something with Scrumptious. But someone else wants to take the spotlight from Scrumptious and she is not ready to give it up.

Talk Show: The Tracy Warner Show is “must-see” television for the residents of Worldlypeeple, GA. The residents say Tracy is not the most down to earth brother but he keeps the town entertained. Tonight on The Tracy Warner Show, the topic is the Different Faces of Religion. Tune in as Tracy interviews each guest and seeks to understand their take on religion.

Sunday Morning: Being at church Sunday Morning in Worldlypeeple is like being a fly on a wall during a counseling session of a troubled married couple. There is nothing but secrets and scandals being told. Will anyone in the church get saved or will the residents of Worldlypeeple remain worldly?

Pastor Pimp: Pastor Dice “Triple M” Pimp is a reformed pimp that still does not play about his money and he still makes money the old fashioned way. Yet, this particular Sunday morning, Pastor Dice has a message that is sure the shake the foundation of Christian giving. Will the members of his church see through his “holy” disguise or will they get caught up with worldly desires?